International Granit Supplies


The company Brás Ferreira and Granite Limited is one of the largest companies in the market for granite in the district of Guarda. It has at its disposal the granite, which meet the needs of both construction and public and private works.
The company is characterized by the excellent quality of the extracted granite from our vast quarries. Our granite is exported to all countries in Europe and North America and our main product is the yellow granite.

Open Job Opportunities

We are currently hiring at most of our sites, and if you are interested in one of our open positions, please use the contact page to find out more.


We are urgently looking for a welder with some experience with mechanics of heavy machinery. It is essential that candidates are fully certified as welders and have completed welding classes to the highest degree.

Heavy Machine Operator

We are currently looking for 2 heavy machine operators with extensive experience with loaders, excavators and cranes. Experience with grant is not required, but you will have to have had at least 5 years experience as an operator with all licenses up to date.




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